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 Why we love what we do

All City Apparel: About Us

All City was Born in June of 2015, with the vision of bringing High School Alumni Shirts to All Cities. This vision gave us a platform to produce Artistic Alumni Shirts that tells a story, strengthens’ and supports Alumni Unity through Art, Photography, Creativity, and Designs.

Embedded in the vision of All City is a passion for Brilliantly Created and Designed Shirts, Detailed Photography, Illustration, Fonts and the belief that all shirts are not created equal.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we will be adding more shirts and designs from High Schools in the Greater Los Angeles area. 


All City Apparel: Mission

All City is Owned and Operated by Stanley Taylor. He was introduced to the T-shirt business in 2007 by a childhood friend Keith Everage, and worked with him until June 2015. He was inspired when he saw that all of the Alumni shirts in the Greater Los Angeles Area consisted of Logos, Characters, and Fonts. He was tired of Faceless Shirts and wanted to start a company that designed shirts that Alumni would be proud to wear anywhere. A shirt that would best represents, and show their school and campus, shirts that are more than just fabric, but memoirs, and keepsakes.

So make All City your choice when planning your next High School Reunion, Homecoming, Dance, B.B.Q. Our mission is to be the New Leaders in artistic Alumni Shirts. So contact us, our Expert Team of Artists, Photographers, and Printers, will be happy to bring your Dreams, Ideas, and Designs to Reality.


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